Social Media Takes A Hit

Sociologists pretty much accept the fact that today’s Boomer and Millennial generations are self indulgent. Meaning, they talk and write about themselves incessantly. To some it’s simply the inevitable outgrowth of a culture in which everyone for the first time in history can now express themselves. To others it’s simply the inevitable outgrowth of a culture in which no one much cares about the big-pucture, only their picture.

While half the world explodes on the streets of protest and progress, here Social Media explode with tales of personal angst and ambition, careers and children. Have we forgotten life did not begin the day we were born, and that there is something in the world bigger than us…?

I submit two recent examples of how self-indulgence sounds like a whole way of life: (1) Three of the most popular magazines among young career-minded women are ‘Self’ ,’ ‘Look,’ and ‘Body.’ Kinda says it all. (2) Even old staid NPR [WBEZ in Chicago] has felt it necessary to mount an ad campaign to “capture more of the quirky listeners out there.” That too kinda says it all.

This may be why the WWII Americans have been called ‘The Greatest Generation; back then instead of “me” it was “we.” I know, because I was there. I’m still trying to re-experience how good that felt….

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