Lets Admit It ~ We're A Damn Fool At Least 5 Minutes Every Day

The best way to deal with this embarrassing fact is to try limiting our damn foolishness to no more than those 5 minutes a day. Take for example flying. Aviation researchers recently declared the airline industry is safer than ever before, with the risk of passenger death in the US now only 1 in every 45 million flights. And yet despite the facts, foolish feelings still scare the hell out of thousands of travelers whose cab ride to the airport will be their most dangerous trip of the day.

Being a damn fool 5 minutes every day of your life may not always prove harmful. It depends on which 5 minutes we’re talking about. The 5 foolish minutes in your speeding car or in a confrontation with your boss are sure to be problematic, whereas being foolish in how you boil your morning eggs or in how you check the weather are not.

So lets see, perhaps this foolishness thing depends a lot on our age.

When we’re young and foolish, well they write love songs about us, right? However, it’s our youthful inexperience that causes so many heartaches in our twenties and thirties. In our forties and fifties, our foolishness is likely to be due to that mid-life-crisis syndrome. You know, when you suddenly feel you’ve got to start doing very young things before you’re no longer able to do them. Later, in your sixties and seventies, whole new frontiers of foolish behavior open up to you. Possibly the worst of these is the presumption that with age comes wisdom. Suddenly you find yourself preaching to those who are younger than. Something kinda like I’m doing here…!

Here’s what I think. Having gone through each of these ages, I suspect the most foolish thing we can do is to presume we’re different. We’re one of a kind. The world is lucky to have us. The longer you live the sooner you realize the indisputable truth. There is very little about you or any others out there that is truly unique. We all share pretty much the very same virtues and vices, fabulousness and foolishness.

To put that another way, you can find all of us in the textbook that comes with this course called Living.

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