Have You Ever Really Looked Into The Face Of Evil

Lets start with the dirty little admission that evil exists in our pretty blue world. Also, that evil often has a face. I’m not talking about the usual rubber-masked ghouls and slashers coughed up by Hollywood makeup artists, but the real thing.

Take your choice. Hitler of course is one of the all-time favorites. I mean, the guy has it all from screaming speeches to horrific death camps. But there are plenty of others. You’ve got faces-of-evil say like Nero and Caligula…Benedict Arnold and Rasputin…how about Richard Nixon and Mel Gibson. Once you get into the swing of it, there are dozens of deliciously evil faces to chose from. Speaking for myself, I think of the Green Bay Packers and my steely mother-in-law.

However, right now the number one face-of-evil to millions of Americans is [EVIL DRUMROLL] the Government….! You know, that great big Orwellian face of bastardly power glaring down at you from Washington, your state capitol, even your local city hall. How do I know this? Because millions of Americans — from zany Tea Partiers to right-wing crazies to teams of survivalists hording their weapons in the mountains — are filled with suspicion and rage about their Government.

Perhaps you’re one of them. If so, perhaps you’ll explain what exactly makes the Government the face-of-evil in your own life? I’ve heard the usual arguments about unfair taxes, corruption, invasion of privacy, trying to take your favorite automatic weapons, raping your children, letting that cunning Black Kenyan president of ours steal our homes and churches and minds and….whoa! this evil thing is catching!

Look, anyone of us can choose any fear or face-of-evil we want. But lets remember, having the right to our fears doesn’t necessarily make our fears right.

Speaking for myself, my fears are slightly more modest than Government. For instance, I’m thinking here plastic manufacturers and television weather-casters. To me these two are the faces-of-evil in MY life. (1) I have yet to find a package of medicine, a bottle of beer, or a even a package of light bulbs that I could get into without some bloody tool to hack my way through! (2) I have yet to watch a weather forecast about coming snow, rain, storms or tornadoes that didn’t become so crazy hysterical that it can scare even my awesome stonewall mother-in-law!

I believe I’ll call that last one the face-of-evil meeting the face-of-evil…..

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