Drones Over Chicago's Southside ~ Would You Fire

There is another great debate underway in our great democracy — the right to wage war by drones. Seem to me if it is a war, then waging it by drones may be far more efficient and safe than by armies of invading boots on the ground.

But never mind, that’s our President’s challenge. Here in Chicago, ours is a simpler but no less deadly one. How to wage war against the drug-kings and their hordes of street-punks who have now made our city the homicide capital of the world.

Yes, there are issues such as civil rights, legal rights, killing rights. But let me ask you a question the city press won’t. If your family were anywhere near these killing fields, would you instruct the drone operators not to retaliate?

I didn’t ask your LEGAL opinion. I asked your GUT opinion. If it is a war out there in those streets and if your family is within range, exactly how many legal limitations would you put on the drones? Something like asking the cops in California, how carefully will they read their statewide cop-killer his Miranda Rights once they catch him?

Remember, while you’re thinking, they’re out there killing….

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