Being "popular" Is One Of The Most Brutal Words In The Language

“Being popular” in high school was the tallest, cruelest mountain you ever tried to climb. Ever since, that mountain peak view has remained a secret yearning. And although we learn to disguise it with little false modesties, we’re kidding no one.

Here are the facts…! Straight from Dr Freud via Dr Phil, Dr Oz and the empress of all social success Oprah. You STILL want to be popular. At work, at golf, at bowling, at wherever you find yourself mingling in a crowd of peers.

But now here is the good news…! You really are, more than you know. As these same gurus will tell you, you are “gentle on their mind” in ways you may never suspect. Because, you see, wherever your life has intersected with theirs, you have left a trail. Perhaps only a small one, and yet the memory of you lingers on. And on.

How to test this premise? Try this. Try counting all the people you remember — intensely or even vaguely — from your days in elementary school. high school. college. that last job. that last game. that last party or dance. Give it enough thought and scores of faces click into place. The teacher who failed you in math. the kid next to you in PE who could always out-do you. the school janitor who helped you that day find your lost homework. yesterday’s smiling bus driver. the first girl or guy you dated. the last girl or guy you dated. the surgeon who brought you the news.

You see, there is an enormous cast of characters in the drama and comedy of your life. Exactly as it is in their lives. And you, my doubting friend, are somewhere in that mix. If its true that energy in the universe never ceases, so is it true that impressions you’ve made never do either.

Happy Valentine….

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