All Those Spielberg Bridges ~ Which Do You Cross And Which Do Your Burn

If life is a journey, there will always be bridges just up ahead. But like some Indiana Jones movie, some are no more than rickety ropes yawning over dangerous ravines. Still, the mission demands you get to the other side. Now. What to do? When and how to do it?

Indy always just barely made it across. In the real world, our own bridges usually appear as decisions to be made. Reach across for that new opportunity? risk everything with this new love? gamble my future on a whole new career? Then once you cross, which ones do you burn behind you?

Indy was following a Spielberg script which always makes things a lot easier for the lead player. Trouble is, in the movie of our own life, WE’RE the script. It’s an etch-a-sketch sort of affair where each of us has to write our own plot, dialog, and closeups.

From presidents to popes to you and me, it’s not likely any of us can anticipate at the start where our steps will bring us in the end. And so we, like they, improvise. However, by now we’ve learned that some of us improvise better than others. Some faces come to mind — Second City, Michael Jordan, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, John Paul II, and any smart teen with a hacker’s personality. You probably have your own list, but you get the idea. Gotta have the moves to make it in this world.

One tiny afterthought.

If life is a story we each have to improvise along the way, please, can’t Hollywood learn to improvise their never-change, stuck-in-a-rut Red Carpet gig….? I mean, if these goo-goo-eyed starlets must be paraded year after year, can’t some creative Spielberg get them for good god’s sake to stop posing and smiling in the exact same way on every carpet that comes with a photographer? Really now, in this world of large issues and serious consequences, this one small improvisation is surely doable.

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