Word's In ~ It's Not The Fat That's Going To Kill You, It's Where You're Carrying It

For all you health aficionados who read every hot new diet plan, just stop right here and now….!

There’s only two ways to handle today’s avalanche of health research. Either you read every new report that comes out or you give up reading. There’s really no other good option. But whatever you decide, let the record show you’re going to die anyway.

Under age 30, that sounds like a pessimist. Over age 60, that sounds like a fatalist. However you label yourself, there’s a new dietary sheriff in town. Professor Kamyar Kalantar-Zadeh of the University of California Irvine would have all us dieters understand this — it’s not the fat that’s going to help kill us, it’s where that fat is hiding.

Thighs and butts are OK. Bellies are not. And while this isn’t exactly new news — there hasn’t been much new dieting news since Kirstie Alley admitted on Oprah that she’s fatter than Oprah — the latest research seems to have nailed this conclusion once and for all. It’s really all right to be a little overweight and carry a BMI more than ideal so long as you’re not packing it in your gut.

When asked by reporters for some recommendations, the straight-faced professor suggested: “You can’t stop eating fat, but you could stop watching Oprah.” Along that same line, we could improve national health if we were to stop watching other assorted hazards like Keeping up With The Kardashians …Undercover boss….Deadliest Catch….the Housewives of New Jersey. Just something to chew on.

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