The Power Of The Introvert In A World That Won't Stop Talking

There can be no doubt about it….we are living in the nosiest age in human history….we walk in a world where everyone is talking every chance they get….on their phones, their tablets, their skypes, their social media….one may wonder why….why are so many people talking all at once, all at the same time, often for the least of reasons

Silence has become an endangered species…teenagers, salespeople, newscasters, weathercasters , politicians, teachers, lawyers, pundits, standups and of course celebrities each have something to say…whether it’s worth saying or not…the compelling question here is how have we been programmed to keep saying it

Be it in the halls of government, the corridors of education, the dining rooms of country estates, or the bars of every city from first round to last, being glib has somehow acquired the status of acceptability and the badge of intelligibility….with the remarkable result that those special few among us who actually pause, who occasionally reflect, who may even take the measure of their own words, these “introverts” somehow have been marginalized…. even trivialized by that great whoosh known as living-on-the-fast-track


It could almost make you ask. Isn’t this something like hurrying past the silent Acropolis or Gettysburg without stopping to listen….?

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