The Only Way To Get To Tomorrow Is To Remember Yesterday Is Over

In ancient Rome the returning generals rode through the streets with a slave crouched in the corner of their chariot. Whether the crowds were cheering or jeering, his job was to keep insisting over and over: “Et Hoc Transibit.” Remember, this too shall pass.

Probably the wisest words you and I will ever hear in any language. You see, we all get swept up in the moment of our greatest victories and our most crushing defeats. As if this is it! this is the way it will always be! this joy or this pain will never ever stop.

But it does! Right on time. Right after that morning-after when you lie there in your bed sheets and reluctantly start to see why that night-before feat or failure was simply one more bead in the long necklace of the life you are destined to wear.

[There will be a small pause here while we decide in our own minds whether this necklace has been woven by God or by Evolution. Personally I tried both arguments, and I can tell you it doesn’t make a fleck of difference. Just be content to know these words stand before you as true as true can be.]

Here’s the point, fellow morning-afterers. This foggy realization is what eventually saves you to try another day. As that slave’s voice seeps and grinds into your soul, you understand there’s more to life than yesterday. You can still wrap your loins around this in-the-nick-of-time realization that yesterday is not as permanently existential as it seemed at the time.

You have survived it, my friend,and exactly as Scarlett says in the final closeup of Gone With The Wind: “After all, tomorrow IS another day…”

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