From Atheists To Zionists, Everyone Owns The Truth

The most crowded place in the world is a bandwagon. Truth is like that. When it’s popular, everyone marches to it; when it’s not, no one knows it.

Actually, the very wonder of the word truth should make it somewhat lofty and out of reach. And yet it’s often something you can simply buy. As in owning your own newspaper, news channel or Senator.

The longest-standing owners of truth have probably been the world’s great religions. They’ve made a career out of pronouncing what is true in our lives. But lately their long run has been challenged by the owners of a different kind of truth: Those scientific materialists otherwise known as atheists, agnostics, deists, anything you want so long as there’s no traditional gods in the mix.

So this means there’s a new bandwagon in town.

However, let it be said traditional religions are continuing to survive by once more adding the passion of politics in order to re-energize their role for our times. Consider Zionism in which many Jews throughout the world have fused their spiritual and geopolitical agendas into a single cause: The permanent return of their traditional homeland. Then there is Radical Islam which has seized upon its faith’s most territorially assertive features. There is also the current political mission of Catholics opposed to abortion and gay marriage. Plus today’s rash of fundamentalist Protestant churches whose agendas have become demonstrably political as they protest their truth at military burials, Koran burnings, and Tea Party condemnations of the federal government.

What we have here is a conundrum. Just when the truth of traditional religions is being drowned out in the West by the truth of scientific materialism, that old-time religion is staging a comeback in a whole different uniform. Rather than killing the ancient gods as would the atheists, these religious modernists would rather awaken those gods and re-boot them for today’s political missions.

You wonder sometime, what the gods themselves think….

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