Blogging Hits It Big With New Players From a Pope To A Professor

There’s a new war going on in which God’s job in the world is up for grabs.

The Pope just launched his Vatican blog. Oxford professor Richard Dawkins has had a worldwide blog running for several years. One is pitching God; the second is dissing him. The academic formality of the German pontiff is sometimes a tough read; the affable informality of the join-me-in-escaping-your-God-delusion has made the Oxford dean a quick hit in cyberspace. As well as in his frequent lectures and debates with Christian notables like the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Benedict’s message is hardly brand, spanking new. Dawkins, on the other hand, is both new and boldly aggressive. Pulitzer Prizing winning author Marylynne Robinson calls it: Hysterical scientism ~ the ectasy of Richard Dawkins. She puts it this way: “According to Dawkins, evolution is driven by replicators — genes of the body & memes of the mind. Those which replicate most effectively become dominant. A handy universal etiology that fully refutes religion in every form. In Dawkins’ mind, the evils of the world are all to be laid at the doorstep of the church, mosque or synagogue. Science [by which he really means his version of Darwinism] is our potential rescuer from this vale of tears….”

By the end of 2012 the ‘Like’ score was roughly 114,560,000 to 13,340,000 in favor of the charming Mr Chips from Oxford vs the Teutonic theologian from Rome. Blogging is usually the preference of the young and restless which may mean Dawk is preaching to a more receptive choir than Ben.

Time and ‘Likes’ will tell the tale. So far, however, the bike-riding professor has become the darling of those many of today’s no-shows in houses worship. Scanning his cool diatribes about an out-of-touch, sacrifice-demanding, Old Testament God, it’s hard not to laugh like fellow god-debunkers Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens and Bill Maher. I mean how cool can a deity be when he actually includes “no” in his lexicon, talks pre-Freudian psychobabble like “sin,” and actually advises people to “sacrifice?”

Some cynics say it’s time for a new act. Dawkins simply says: “Cancel the act.”

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