Are You Finally Tired Of Democracy

I can’t speak for you, but in the last century millions your ancestors got tired enough of democracy to flock to sizzling alternatives like Fascism, Nazism, and Communism. If nothing else, they seemed to like the flashy uniforms and the flashy leaders who wore them ranting from flag-drapped balconies.

Lets be honest. Even the ancient Greeks who started this whole democracy thing about 2500 years ago learned that having “demos” [the people] decide things got messy. Ever since, democracy has had a twisting journey, sometimes lurching toward having all-the-people in charge [the French Revolution] or toward having only some-of-the-people in charge [the Republic as created by the Founding Fathers].

This much is clear — democracy invites dialog and dialog gets messy. [Ever listen to what our esteemed leaders in D.C. call one another!] Churchill defended democracy by observing: “It’s the worst form of government except for all the rest.” Instead of tidy-no-appeal decisions from above, democracies spend a lot of time messing over issues like banning guns…banning gay marriage… banning football…banning evolution….banning banning.The “demos” hate to have anything of theirs banned. However, the problem with having all thid “liberty” is it actually conflicts with all that promised “equality.” You see, once people are at liberty to follow their stars, some sure as hell will end up more equal than others. [See Darwin’s theory of evolution ot Ditka’s theory of football for details].

If people in the 20th C got tired of democracy by flocking to black-unifomed dictatorships, what are they likely to flock to in this century as they watch their democratic governments fail them in messy gridlock time and time again…?

There’s always the classic man-on-the-white-horse [new ones eagerly wait in the wings]. Or perhaps in today’s technological era, the “man” might turn out to be that mythic international computer which come into the greedy hands of a new breed of Brave-New-Worlders. History is good at reporting what’s happened, but nowhere near as good at predicting what’s about to happen.

About the same time the ancient Greeks were developing a democratic philosophy of government, the ancient Chinese were developing a sardonic philosophy of life when they laid this curse upon those who followed: “May you live in interesting times….”

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