And Then There's Our Secret Second Heart

Everyone over 40 knows what an EKG is. [Under 40, you’re too invincible to bother with such matters]. But either over or under 40, here’s a fact you’ll want to face. Your life actually beats with two hearts. The one under your chest which should be periodically tested by an EKG. The other, the one that can’t be hooked up to a machine, beats in a very different way. Yet its rhythms are no less vital.

This second heart marks the flow not of your functions but of your feelings. Lets call it your heart-of-hearts, your inner-sanctum, that private garden in which you give yourself permission to unabashedly experience both the rainbows and the storm clouds that periodically burst upon your days.

Here cardiologists are of limited help. Perhaps a small photographic example will make the point.

Remember all those photo albums swaddled somewhere in the house waiting for that special day when you excavate them for that special showing? Well, maybe this is that day. Take them out…arrange them chronologically….now allow your heart-of-hearts to experience them. Slowly. patiently. perhaps even reverently. These are after all the days of your life. From that giggly birthday party moppet to that lusty world adventurer on his first bike to that smiling creature parading through Disney World to those I-almost-forgot school days and dating days and summer days and graduation days and goodbye days.

My….I’ve really lived an extraordinary little life. I guess I never took the time to notice. Probably just like you. So many parental hugs, laughing friends, wedding-day lace; and oh look, so many new cars, new homes, new little heart-of-hearts I helped happen. So all that was going on….

A pause to thank our new EKGs which can measure our heart’s functions. At the same time, thanks to our old cameras which have been able to measure that other heart’s feelings. Good to have both instruments. Especially good to have both hearts.

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