A Hollywood Poducer And A Vatican Bishop Stop For A Drink....

About the only thing these two folks have in common is they probably both heard of Diogenes. The ancient Greek who wandered the world with his lantern seeking an “honest man.” Today, that’d be about as easy as using a GPS to locate a “moral absolute.” Neither exists in any abundance anymore.

Moral absolutes have long ago been replaced by situational-ethics. Telling Mom you won’t be home is not wrong if you deem it better that little Billy not be exposed to cigarette-puffing grandmommy. It also works nicely when one of your country’s spies gets caught behind their lines. After all, how can there be absolutes when the situations keep changing?

With everyone playing with their own users guide this way, the game of life gets a bit complicated. But despite all, there really are a some absolutes left out there. Even without Diogenes, let me suggest a few likely examples circa 2013:

* It is still absolutely necessary for advertisers to use the cutest models in order to promote their ugliest products, such as 18 wheelers, mountain haulers, transmissions, and especially any tonnage in farm equipment

* It is still absolutely necessary that female reporters dress down in order to provide the camera a good contrast to their sizzled up looks

* It is still absolutely necessary that when appearing for interviews, generals wear all their medals, doctors try to sneak a stethoscope into the shot, politicians are in three-piece suits unless it is a campaign scene, and whenever at a podium the president is flanked by the right percentages of white, black, brown, yellow faces plus whatever hot new sub-cultures have recently appeared

* It is still absolutely necessary, though disappointing, that we follow-the-money whenever it comes to contract time. A new classic is the example of Notre Dame football coach Brian Kelley who, after denying it only 18 hurs earlier, was in contract talks with the NFL’s Eagles. True, there are several jigs to be danced between now and then, but the price of “then” is forever part of the American scene….

…lies, lovers and lanterns notwithstanding.

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