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Indicting The Most Dangerous Little Word In Our Large Lexicon: "Could"

“Could” is just another of those little everyday words in our everyday language. By definition it is used to indicate possibility. Aye, but there’s the rub! Notice lately how this little word is kidnapped by people who want to create a big impression. Watch how the writer or speaker dangles “could” in order to imply... Read more »

Science Decides The Cosmos Must Be Female, Because You Just Can't Predict Her

All right, I admit the headline sounds a little sexist, but stick with me here and you may agree with it. From Einstein to Sagan to Hawking, the big boys with the big telescopes have hung on to certain assumptions only to have the cosmos turn around and surprise them. Take for example the cosmological... Read more »

Being American Is Bad For Your Health

Well, so much for the charming old belief Asians respect even honor their elderly! Japan’s 72-year-old finance minister, Taro Aso, was quoted last week as saying, “We should hurry up and die.” I’m exactly ten years older than Aso so you can understand why I take some exception to his advice. Of course, we’ve had... Read more »

Can You Still Recognize The You You Might Have Been?

Admit it. You aren’t exactly what you planned to be…you’re not really who you thought you would become….but you try, and the trying is called life. Once we grew out of the I-wanna-be-a-nurse-or-an-atronaut phase, you and I did have some fairly serious aspirations. Clinical psychologist…social worker…office manager….maybe PTA president. But those things didn’t happen. As... Read more »

Remember As Kids Dreaming Of Living In A Great Big Toy Store? Dear Me, It's Happened

It’s easy to cheer the marvels of our modern civilization [who would give up their car, their computer, or for that matter their indoor plumbing]. It’s equally easy to jeer [a world of people staring down and clicking into the palms of their hands wherever they go]. Maybe it’s best to neither cheer nor jeer.... Read more »

From Eden To Eternity: Exactly Where Are You On That Trip? Or Do You Dare To Find Out

Almost every civilization has an Eden or garden-of-paradise narrative. These civilizations also share similar kinds of Eternity or after-life narratives. However, ours is the first civilization to possess so many tools by which we believe we can actually alter our narrative! For instance, America now has more tools that can connect us to the Internet... Read more »

Quick ~ Are You A Quant Or A Quill

Quants are today’s highly regarded empiricists who can quantify most everything from student achievement [No child Left Behind] to projected presidential voting [my grandson Ben’s stunning achievement in the recent Ohio turnout for Obama]. Today another Quant has weighed in, none other than Bill Gates, in an editorial to the Wall Street Journal. May I... Read more »

To The-Young-And-The-Restless ~ An Angry Letter From The AARP Set

I noticed a little sign in my town the other day that had a big message: “Politeness has now become so rare, some people mistake it for flirtation.” Those of us of AARP age get that. If you’re under AARP age, chances are you may not. Here’s the secret to the plot. In a time... Read more »

The Jetsons and Star Trek Make A Soft Landing Right In The Middle Of Our Lives

It’s said life often happens in pairs. Time and again life’s biggest changes seem to arrive in twos within just a few years of each other. There was the American & French Revolution… later the radio and the car…in our own time, Elvis and the Beatles. All within a few years of one another. Here... Read more »

Do Today's Sappy Happy-Talk TV Personalities Actually Deserve To Live

OK, the title question may seem harsh. Until you spend a week stuck in bed experiencing the 24/7 gush of sappy happy-talk television. From the Today Show to Kelly Ripa to The View, deep into the night’s evangelical ministries, PBS documentaries on the Koala Bear, and those organ-music sunset reflections, we are advised between commercials... Read more »