Your Audition Call For 2013 Has Just Been Posted

It’s almost opening night…for that promising new drama your family and friends are all talking about….you know, the one being billed “SPENDING 2013 AS ME”…the only thing left now is for you to audition for which role you will be playing.

Not to worry, you’ve already been cast as the star. But now you have to decide which role the audience will be seeing on that stage. Oh, you don’t understand?? Well, think of it this way. All throughout 2012 you were performing many very different roles whether you realized it or not.

There was your role as a daughter or as a son….your role as the employer or the employee….don’t forget your role as the customer in the malls, the driver on the expressways, the friend or spouse at home, and then that especially complicated role of parent.

Get it…? You’ve been many you’s all throughout 2012, each role remarkably different from the others. In some you are obliging, in others demanding, in still others hard to deal with, not to mention those roles in which you were your most cantankerous self. You didn’t plan it this way, it’s just the way you are. [We all are!] Different roles at different times and places, either charming or annoying the cast around you.

So look…you’ve only got a few days before opening night of “SPENDING 2013 AS ME.” The house lights are starting to dim, the audience is getting ready to watch, and the director is waiting for you to decide which you will step out on the stage.

Curtain time….!

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