What's In A Face...? If You're Paranoid, A Helleva Lot!!

Lets face it. We travel in a world of unintended consequences. Actions we take almost always have consequences, and so many entirely unintended. Some examples: Getting married….having a baby ….joining a company…going to war…getting involved in Facebook.

Do they still have pinball machines? If so, watch that crazy little ball you set in motion ricochet in ways you never intended. If you win the game, it’s more serendipity than you may want to admit. And if you lose, it’s hard to see how this could happen to such a nice person. Same in the game of life.

In life have you noticed how many faces there are…? Like all those obstacles your pinball keeps bumping into. I’m talking about that plethora of faces that assaults our senses virtually 24/7. Most of whom are so relentlessly beautiful and smiling back at you. From Hollywood’s latest starlets, to television’s hottest hunks, to those happy-facedTV commercials, and most especially to all those celebrity magazines we’re forced to walk by every time we get to another supermarket checkout.

If you sense paranoia here, well yeah! I mean, how can we plain-looking mortals survive all these magnificent faces eternally beaming: “I am beautiful! I am rich! I am popular! I am cured! What the hell happened to you…?”

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