Wait...There's Another 1% Out There You're Forgetting

OK, by now everyone knows who the 1% are. All those whose annual revenue is so far beyond the rest of us, we can only frown from afar. Frankly there’s always been a 1% in every civilization — from the tribal villages of East Africa, to the patrician classes of Rome, to the economic royalists President Roosevelt indicted when he formed America’s first safety-nets known as the New Deal.

However, now I’m talking about a slightly though not entirely different 1% of a population. That relatively small percentage of the people to whom the Nightly News has any real meaning. Say what…? I’m saying when you watch tonight’s network news and either scowl or smile at what you hear, almost all of what you’re hearing has absolutely nothing to do with you and your life.

Think about it.

All those rising tides, sudden tornadoes, recent gang slayings, latest stock losses and current Taliban slaughters are all about someone or something other than you. You’re watching, your involved, but deep down you’re comforted in the fact this is happening to THEM not ME.

Now lets expand on this often over-looked reality.

When the Nazi armies conquered Europe during WWII, they occupied hundreds of cities and tens of thousands of citizens. But while Hollywood might have us believe the French Underground was nobly battling the occupiers daily with sabotage [see the classic “Casablanca” for stirring details], the plain fact of the matter is that 98% of the conquered peoples of France [along with Denmark, Poland, Norway etc] continued to live and love and die just as they had long before Hitler!

Watching tonight’s news-of-the-world, the fact of the matter is what’s most at stake are the lives, the income, the status, and the power of the few. That one or so percent of the population who will be impacted — for good or for ill — by the fiscal cliff debates, the new trade laws with China, the upcoming Canadian pipeline ruling, the next Court decision on gay marriage and abortion, even the forthcoming historic immigration legislation.

See how that works…? Not that some of this stuff doesn’t trickle down into our own little lives, but lets face it: most of our lives are so little that what’s taking place on the stage of history usually includes us only as spear carriers. And considering what sometimes happens top the lead players, maybe it’s just as well we carrry little spears rather than great responsibilities….

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