Twentysomethings Of The World ~ Please Don't Slay Your Parents In Their Sleep

Dearest Twentysomethings ~ the handwriting-is-on-the-wall of history. For you that’s my generation’s way of saying: The statistical projections from the esteemed Pew Research Center are finally in. And they ain’t looking good. For you or the world your parents are handing you….!

When the economy is humming as it was during their lifetimes, things click into gear. Jobs are plentiful, marriage is easy, homes are affordable, babies are logical, and retirement looks pretty damn good.

Sorry but that scenario just went south!

Not because of the Democrats or the Republicans or the Tea Party or the Fed. Rather, it’s because of the historic way the global economy has slipped out of gear, leaving behind terrible clanking and grinding of wheels that at on time purred. As a consequence, unemployment is skyrocketing [41% of it under 30] …markets are drying up…home buying and baby making are in sharpest decline since 1920.

All right, kids, now you’ve got a choice. Not entirely unlike the ones some of us had in the 30s and the 60s and again in the 90s. Either you invest your time and talent into one of our zany cable-news-network-blame-games, OR you suck it up like we did by getting some new-job skills fast.

I’ll admit some of us failed to do that back then. So how did we survive? Turns out each time we let another war happen. With each new war came another postwar recovery. But take it from us, it’s a helleva way to run a world! See if you can do it differently…….

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