The Secret To Serenity Using The Next Power Blackout

Like you I could use a little serenity in my life. Then I read the U.S. electrical grid is so old and prone to failure, almost 500,000 Americans lose electricity at least two hours every single day. Is there some sort of connection here? I think so,,,

Most Americans spend at least two hours a day watching television. Some of it very good, much of it very bad. But notice how those hours often include one of the national morning-shows, then later one of the local nightly-news-hours. That first one centers around the network’s bubbliest gang of reporters, human-interest interviewers, and assorted guests cooking, modeling and singing. That second one is the 10 o’clock news.

Are you starting to see what I’m seeing? Your day kicks off with a stream of national happy talk and ends with a flood of scary news reports. In the morning I’m smacked in the face with clever chirpy hosts and guests who have the effect of reminding me just how much better ‘the other half’ is living [a half-asleep stare into my morning mirror makes the point!]. Then in the evening I’m assaulted with every grisly, on-the-spot homicide, rape, gang killing and fire the cameras could find just before I retire.

At dawn all the good stuff in life I can watch but can’t touch. At dusk, all the bad stuff I can be sure is not far from my own front door. OK I’m being cynical, but some times these are the very two hours of my day when losing power might do me more good than harms.

Just a wicked little thought for any other television cynics out there….

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