The Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own

The heart has a mind of its own.

This is a law of life most biologists have not heard of….nor studied…nor understood. However I am one of millions who has found it to be as true as the winter solstice, the Christmas holyday, the North Pole’s year-round resident, and all those remarkable once-a -year good tidings that fill my life.

You see, our fine biologists are not exactly equipped to locate any of these items under their microscopes or in their DNA testing. These features mostly defy science to find them, let alone prove them. And yet, behold each of these warm wisps of winter arrive every year.

Especially among the little ones. Even more spectacularly, among we older little ones whose hearts have never given up looking for the sleigh in the sky or the star in the east.

If this come across as a tad too mushy, well, may I be so bold as to suggest…

…that would be your loss.

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