Jimmy Stewart Just Died On The Senate Foor With The Whole World Watching

Almost everyone has seen the great 1939 classic ‘Mr Smith Goes To Washington.’ You know, the one where young Jimmy Stewart gets picked as a starry-eyed but naive U.S.Senator. He runs into the evil ways of Claude Rains, but then bravely mounts a one-man filibuster on the Senate floor to save the day.

Who doesn’t choke up…? smile with pride…? cheer the noble ‘Mr Smith’…?

Well, I’ll tell you who! Our Republican Senators, that’s who! This week former GOP presidential candidate Senator Bob Dole was wheel-chaired onto that same floor of that same Senate where he — now a frail, disabled WWII veteran — pleaded for the Senate to ratify the UN disability treaty [based on our own nation’s Disability Act and ratified by more than 100 nations].

A great many eyes misted over, but not enough to over-come the GOP majority of Nays. The treaty failed to pass, yet the very next day the good senators gingerly came to a unanimous agreement: Holiday Recess! Pending treaties and fiscal cliffs to be worked on…? Ah, yeah there were about a dozen; but you could hear them humming ‘There’s No Place Like Home For The Holidays’ as they skipped town.

Everyone understands why the US Congress has the worst approval rating in five generations. But then to also kill poorJimmy Stewart Dole on their hurried way out of Washington — well, here’s guessing there ain’t enough nice Senators left there for Santa to both making a stop!

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