Jesus Christ ~ Christianity's Superstar, Consumerism's Cash Cow

At one time December was used for year-end pagan solstice holidays, not Christmas. After all, Christ didn’t show up until about 2000 years ago. And then not in December, but probably in May. Back then “Christ” meant anointed one or messiah. Today it means consumerism’s biggest cash cow of the year. Have you noticed, this Jesus thing has become commercial dynamite….!

OK, so he started off a little slow. There were hot heads like Herod and high priests who didn’t like the sudden competition. Then some spoilsport doubting Thomases just wouldn’t get with the program. But hey, a few years after that unfortunate crucifixion thing, everything started to fall into place. In Israel his followers formed a comradeship…in Greece, a philosophy…in Rome, an institution…in Europe, a culture …and by the time it hit America, the whole ball of wax had become a financial enterprise. It’s what we Americans are known for — taking a nice little idea and turning it into a bonanza.

By now, Jesus is all over the place. Greeting cards, movies, billboards, carols, plus re-runs of “It’s A Wonderful Life” going head to head with “A Charlie Brown Christmas” on the networks. Not to mention how every magzine and newpaper drags out there annual did-you-know-this-about-that-Bethlehem-gig?I love it, man! Now if only the crazy Mayans turn out to be wrong, consumers will finish their Xmas shopping with another record-setter.

Oh, that “X” thing? Another typical American touch. We don’t waste a lot of unnecessary words. Get right to the point. “X” marks the spot on the calendar when every good Christian hurries out to honor the big guy’s birthday. You know, shop till you drop.

Look at it this way. It’s in honor of all the times he kept dropping that cross. Get the point? All right, all right, so call me gushy. But I think it’s the least we can do……

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