It's Finally Happened. We've Run Out Of Graves

Enough! Enough teary eulogies, candle-lit vigils, and solemn vows about never-again. Please, for god’s sake, enough!

The tears have all been used up. The never-again vows have all become empty. After yet another gun free-fall into madness, humanity faces a problem as simple as it is inescapable. We’ve run out of graves.

Over the last 100,000 generations we’ve stuffed the planet with a million billion corpses. Senseless killings in quiet family bedrooms, in psychotic city streets, and on mangled-body-parts battlefields. They have all ended where all death ends. In the ground. Where we assumed there was room for one more.

But at some point — some unscheduled point in time — we the gravediggers are compelled to listen how the clocks of the world have suddenly paused. For at long long last it’s apparent the ground beneath us is not as infinite as we thought. It is groaning from the weight of far too many bodies during far too many centuries. It can take no more. Not one single more!

If you listen just right you can hear what it’s saying. “There’s no more room down here. Now you up there must figure out a way….”

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