Hollywood's Hottest New Hits ~ The Undead And How They Got This Way

OK, so we all know that with each new Christmas, fewer and fewer people are filling churches. In today’s magnificently secular scientific age, it’s become fashionable to become skeptical. So the old medieval supernatural is out the ideological window. But what a minute…! Then what’s with this roaring popularity of Hollywood’s super-natural legions of the un-dead? Vampires, zombies, and scads of other very un-natural creatures filling our screens with the wild, weird and Weltschmerzy?

I recently had this unfashionable, quasi-medieval thought. Could it be that today’s fashionable set have slain the old supernatural only to now miss it? Maybe not miss the whole nine medieval yards of angels and devils, witches and warlocks; but to subconsciously miss the mystery, magic and wonder of all things not quite human?

If you’ve even spent any post-graduate time in the physics and chemistry departments, you know how the thrills there are more of a cool, cognitive nature. Whereas down the hall in the literature and theater departments, everything is hotter and more sentient in nature. In their realm it’s much easier to believe in more-than-nature, more-than-what-you-can-touch, more even than what you can imagine.

In some ways maybe it all comes down to this. We humans are made of equal parts head & heart, scarecrow and tin man. Only when both parts of us are operating in harmony will the Emerald City come into view. This is because our journey down life’s yellow brick road insists we learn all that there is to learn….BUT without ever forgetting to be in heavenly wonderment of all that we still can’t.

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