Getting Sick Isn't As Much Fun As It Used To Be

Winter’s coming and so is the usual gaggle of coughs and colds. Trouble is, getting sick ain’t like it was when you were a kid. Remember?

Back then mom made sure to keep you home safe in bed. You know — free day! No slogging through 8 AM snow drifts, no teachers, no homework. It meant curling up in your safe warm bed with mom’s special attentions, hot tea & crackers, along with her cool soft hand checking your warm flushed face.

Of course if the situation got serious and she had to call the doctor, well that’s a different kettle of fish. The only scenario I’m remembering is when you were just ill enough to be crowned the most important member of the family. The one who could do no wrong and pretty much get anything he whispered for.

However, here’s the glitch in this story.

Once we grow up, there’s no school to miss, no homework to get away from, no little pleasures brought to us in our beds, because there’s no young protecting mom and dad anymore. What the hell happened here…? Oh yeah, now I remember. We did want we always said we wanted to do: Grow up.

Grown-ups can’t skip school or homework or 8AM snow drifts. That was then this is now. But that’s OK, because with growing up comes some growing. Now we’re the ones who have learned to care, to understand there are other lives as well as our own, to begin actualizing some of those sweet taken-for-granteds that mom & dad freely afforded our tender years.

Now with a little focus, someday you and I just might become the quality care-givers they were…

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