Devils And Angels Still Walk The Earth, But How To Tell The Difference

During our fabled Dark Ages, devils and angels roamed the forests of Europe and haunted the minds of every terrified Christian. Over the generations, we’ve come to discount most of these tales. But not entirely. In our cooler more calculating 21st C America, we have confidently dispelled with the supernatural, and simply call these characters heels or heroes.

Heels come in a wide assortment of shapes, sizes and styles. They range from bomb-wearing terrorists and Mafioso hit-men all the way down to off-duty cops muscling female bartenders to gang punks exploiting their neighborhoods. True to their calling, the press continues to feature them in bloody headlines and grisly photos day after day and twice on weekends. Frankly these heels are the ones the press loves to write about, because…well, because ever since Eve, devils make great copy!

Heroes [aka, angels] get coverage too. But notice rarely on the front pages of the papers or in the lead stories on the air. The rule of thumb is simple and sale-able: “If it bleeds it leads.” And so it is, my fellow news junkies, the heroes, angels, good guys, whatever name you like, only get the cute little human interest spots in the back of the edition or at the end of the broadcast. Kinda like throwing some crumbs to feed our starving better natures. The editors are making it clear they damn well understand our appetite for the gory. I mean, how better to make ourselves feel better about ourselves than to keep learning about all those psychotic lowlifes out there doing what you and I would never ever think of.

However, I’m still left with one gnawing question. Who in the name of heaven is that anonymous angel that walks by my house every morning to mysteriously yet oh so generously place the curbside papers right up to my front door…? If only the 21st C had a few million more of him/her, how much better would our storm-tossed world be.

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