December 0000 ~ Month Of Memories And Magic

Big busy month, December…! But wait a minute. We have no exclusive on it. As far far back as the pagan ancients, this was the solstice month of sharing the memories of the past year and celebrating the magic of the present moment. Back then, tribal bonfires, frenzied dancing, and assorted rituals to appease the gods. Today, city lights, frenzied shopping, and assorted rituals to the gods of our choice.

Among these rituals are some of the very best characteristics to our humanity. We publicly festoon our communities with garlands and lights…offer good causes our time and talent…greet one another with added warmth and sincerity…cherish our children with special attentions and affections. The world that was winter drab and gray just a few weeks ago is now suddenly timelessly festive and bright.

It’s why we find ourselves saying: “Why couldn’t it be like this every month of the year!”

But you see, I believe it can! Think about it. There isn’t a single thing exclusive to this month that isn’t equally available every other month of every other year. Lights? garlands? rituals? good causes? good family and friends? These are available 365 days of each year. So are our cherishable children. Of whatever age.

So look at it this way. December is like this great play we put on every year. We do it because, well, we need to break the routines of living in order to make room for the rewards of living. However, in so doing, we may be missing something here. Missing the fact that this great play — its script, its players, its dialog, and its gods — are available to us the other 11 months of the year as well.

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