Cherchez La Femme

Centuries ago in ancient Greece lived the beautiful Helen of Troy. One of history’s earliest tales of Cherchez la Femme. That’s the traditional alert by the French Police whenever there has been a major crime: “Look for the woman!” Now I perfectly understand why women call that sexist, and yet the police blotters in France suggest it is as sound as it is sexist.

Drop-dead-gorgeous Helen had a complicated back-story, but suffice it to say she was kidnapped by the Trojans and the Greeks went nuts. Hence the long bloody Trojan War.

Some centuries later there was another drop-dead-gorgeous femme fatale by the name Cleopatra. She reigned over Egypt at the time the Romans were in another of their rape-and-pillage mood. Suffice it to say, Rome captured Egypt but Cleo captured Rome.

What is there about a woman…?

Yes, yes I know men harbor some of the same annoying mysteries, but really, in their hands guys can be such pliable putty. We are basically simple, uncomplicated creatures whose brain & brawn quickly melt in the gaze of a drop-dead-gorgeous woman.

Before some of you write back, let me shift to a third tale. This the story of an ancient emperor of Constantinople. It is said — that’s how most of these tales begin — it is said that one day he gathered together all his wise men and demanded, “Find me the one perfect passage that serves all situations at all times.”

A rather large order, but the obedient wise men left to scour the empire for an answer. After a year of traveling and inquiring, they finally returned to the palace. The elders reported they had at last found it, the one perfect passage that served all situations at all times:

“And this too shall pass…”

For proof, notice how Helen, Cleo, the emperor and all their angst are no longer here. Indeed, the same will be true of us. A profound realization that might be simply summed up for today: “Don’t sweat it…!”

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