You've Turned Down The Shade And Turned Off The Smartphone. Now what.....

Turning down your shades at night, that’s understandable. Turning off your smartphones, that’s incomprehensible. These Aladdin Lamps have become a way of 21st C life. In fact, smartphone crime has swept over major cities like San Francisco and New York [50% & 40% of all robberies].

But I’m less interested in crime, more in character. Psychologists at the University of Miami have observed we are revealed by what we give ourselves permission to do when totally alone.

For example, how we dance.

That’s right, there’s a Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, or Michael Jackson in all of us. The human body has moved to the rhythm and beat of music from the very first jungle tom toms. Regardless of the culture’s stage of intellectual development. You see, music doesn’t pass through the mind first; rather it dives directly into our brain’s most primitive core. Where we feel it, respond to it, become it.

Dixieland? That’s happy music, the kind we dance to when either we’re happy or wish to be. Waltz? That’s sophisticated music, the kind in which you can see yourself in braided uniform or bejeweled gown twirling with it’s aristocratic energy. Rock? That’s solo music, the kind when we let it all hang out and feel we are, for just a silly little while, jamming with thousands of cheering, arm-pleading fans.

Look, no problem. We’re so up tight all day fitting and wearing the appropriate masks, it’s perfectly all right to allow ourselves some occasional ecstasies. That’s what closed shades and smartphones are all about. What’s more, on some special days in some special places, we might even find occasion to permit our occasional ecstasies in public.

Then again….?

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