What...? Wikipedia Is Closing Its Books

Can you believe it…? After logging some 4 million entries, Wikiepedia has “finished cataloging the world’s current knowledge.” Reminds me of how the US Patent Office offered to close its doors in 1900 “inasmuch as virtually all man’s ideas have been invented.”

Can anything be more presumptive? more arrogant? more myopic? Historians have since calculated that the accumulated body of human knowledge grew slowly at first, but finally doubled by about 1900. That’s when exponentially took charge, for it then doubled by 1950, again by 1970, and onward. With the Internet we now have billions of entries every day of every year from every part of the world. Knowledge is staggering us, for the human brain has no way yet to either master or meme it all.

Look at it this way — you’re not the only one who goes to bed at night with your mind reeling!

British scientists recently concluded a person watching horror movies burns up to 113 calories during every 90 minutes due to elevated adrenaline and metabolic levels. Imagine what we burn up watching the nightly news. Speaking of which, the FCC reports that while cable newscasting dominates our viewing via scores of channels from MSNBC to CNN to Fox, they are all owned by just one of seven media companies such as Viacom and News Corp.

You want to burn up some additional calories with worry…? Worry about that. Worry about what we think is all too often what a few media moguls think. Worry about the delusion that our democracy functions on the basis of the will-of-the-people. I know the “people” you’re talking about. But “will?” Whose will…!

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