We Don't Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression; But Who Said First Was Best

First impressions are considered to be important. In politics, in business, in the arts, even in the pulpit. Unfortunately we learn that first-anything’s in life don’t always last. The glisten dulls…the flair flattens… familiarity really can breed contempt.

And so we ricochet throughout the pinball game of life pinging from one first to another. As if we could string enough firsts together to remain on a permanent high. Love is like that. So is Facebook. So is our first new car or home or vacation. Trouble is when we race our psychic motors like this, what often happens is we just burn up our fuel all the faster.

It’s the classic sprinter vs long-distance runner. The gut difference comes down to a pair of especially unpopular words today: commitment and endurance. Digging in and sticking it out!

In today’s fast-living, fast-shifting culture nothing could sound duller. Whattaya mean sticking with the same mate, same company, same team, same home when I’ve got options out there?? It’s something like the difference between the flashy quarterback and the grind-it-out runner. When the Bears went to the Super Bowl, QB Jim McMahon got the cameras, but yeard-by-ruggwed-yard Walter Peyton got the yards.

Next time you buy a ticket to a hit movie or rock concert, notice the difference up there. The film stars come and go; the featured players work year round. The lead singer is hot this season; the guys in the band work year round. Sometimes being first is like a Roman Candle — first to explode, quick to fizzle. It’s not always who breaks out first who remains at the finish line….

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