The Bright New Tell-All Biography Without A Single Bedroom Scene

At long tedious last…a tell-all book about a celebrity but without the usual bedroom scenarios of lust and loathing….about the prize winning playwright Thornton Wilder who gave us classics like ‘Our Town’ and ‘By The Skin of Our Teeth.’

A personal favorite of mine, Wilder’s ‘Our Town’ played Broadway just a few years ago starring Paul Newman. All three of us — Thornton, Paul and I — kinda think of this 1938 classic as much a prayer as a play. Please forget any high school productions you may have seen, because god bless ’em, kids can’t really fathom this towering commentary on the meaning and majesty of our little lives.

But here’s my point.

This biography reminds me of those old Saturday-afternoon movie-matinees when all the kids boo-ed whenever “the girl and the kissing showed up!” That gushy love stuff damn near killed the flow of the hard-fisted, saddle-angry plot we came to cheer.

For those of you in today’s more sophisticated, free-sex age, a thought. When you watch TV’s latest hits [Boss, Boardwalk Empire, Jackie, Mad Men, Nashville] don’t you sorta yawn with each new predictable bedroom romp? I mean, OK, we know there has to be Hollywood’s required “sexual tension,” but what’s with interrupting the action with another breathy, roll-in-the-sheets every 20 minutes?

See if you agree. Next time see how ‘Chicago Fire’ always has time for one more grunting quickie just before the fire trucks burst out of the firehouse. What is this — sex first safety second?

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