Something For Next Januaary's Inaugural Nobody Can Argue With

Every nation on earth has a voice. A voice that in time becomes the lyric to its music.The lyric articulates some of its beliefs and myths, while the music bubbles up from its land and soul. The Library of Congress houses more than 15,000 native songs that have been hummed and sung, blared and soothed, cheered and wept.

There’s no way any one body of music — folk, blues, ballads, rap — can exactly speak for every American of every age. And yet there are those times when a few select voices can somehow encapsulate the spirit of the nation enough to wrap itself around any audience’s heart.

It’s a rare thing when the hearts of 300 million different Americans can beat in unison. As we approach an election in which everyone’s plea and prayer is for such unity, here is one man’s nomination for three such singers and songs. My nomination for a concert next January on the steps of Congress immediately following the Inaugural Address to the nation:

* Arlo Guthrie singing “This Land Is Your Land”
* Bob Dylan singing “Blowing in the Wind”
* Bruce Springsteen singing “This Train”

What a helleva great way to start the next presidency — whoever it is!

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