News You Can Use Starting Tonight -- The News Ain't New

Look, we all agree the times-they-are-a-changing. But ironically, the news is not part of the changes. Really! What we call the news is totally predictable. Well, not for the twenty & thirtysomethings. But after about 50, if you’ve been paying attention, the news just ain’t news.

It’s a nasty secret every news editor has to live with. Life on this little blue planet pretty much comes down to Been There Done That. Oh, the names and dates change. But look carefully and little else does. Because human nature hasn’t changed one major gene since our ancestors first oozed out of the seas and worked their way into the caves.

Two empirically-tested examples: Your front page and especially your sports page.

* Lets face it, how much more is out there but the same-old-same-old? War in __, fire in the __ apartments, hit-and-run on the __ side, gang war between the __ and the __, corruption in the __ office, bridge collapse near the __ district, sex scandal among __? All the editors have to do is fill in the blanks

* When it comes to the sports page, there may not be a more hypocritical gaggle of two-faced reporters in the business! Mostly just changing their adjectives each new day about the teams and players they’re covering. __ blows the game, __ fails to deliver, __ worst quarterback in the league, coach __ hasn’t a clue. Again, totally predictable with only the blanks left to be filled in

Not saying this makes the editors and reporters bad people. Just kinda predictable people. Like the news they cover. Of course maybe we should be grateful the news hasn’t become that much different over the centuries. The old predictable stuff is bad enough…

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