" My God Where Does The Time Go?" Here, Let Me Tell You

The older we get the faster the time seems to go. Flowing through our fingers like sand on the beaches we once thought stretched forever. However, none of us can halt the flow anymore than we can we stretch the beaches. You and I — all the you’s and I’s in the world — share this one irrevocable reality in common: We each have only so many grains of sand coming.

But why do they seem to sun out faster the older we become? Three reasons:

* The very reality of time shifts as we age. When a child waits for Christmas, the days seem to drag on. When the adult dreads Christmas and its pressure, the days seem to hurtle on. Think of it this way. When you’re 10, five years of time is half your entire life. When you’re 50, five years is merely one-tenth of your life. Time simply feels different at different ages

* In today’s culture, fast is the name of the game. We want — we demand — everything as fast as possible. Consider the way we watch the networks reporting the election results as fast as they can possibly do so. As if knowing the winner an hour earlier makes any real difference. And yet that is the order of the day. Every day. Faster is better

* Finally and most fully, the reason time appears to hurry is because we rarely take the time. We simply use the time. Use it up like quenching our thirst from a fountain on a hot sweaty summer afternoon. Gulp after gulp, without ever pausing long enough to look at the fountain…the water…each other. Funny but until we’re desperate for water — desperate for life, for companions, for salvation — that water is simply taken for granted. Without ever once actually tasting it. Oh yes, water — like life — has a distinct taste to it

But look, you’re busy. I understand that. I won’t take anymore of your time………

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