Mel Brooks Takes On Naomi Wolf's New Book "Vagina"

Freud insisted every emotional issue in our lives starts with mommy. Naomi Wolf insists In her new book ‘Vagina’ women are meant to be more than mommies. Mel Brooks takes them both to task in his recent interview with Time. The master funny man gets serious when remembering his mother:

“People becoming comedians because they’re compensating for something? Nonsense. I think it’s a continuation they want. My mother on cold winter mornings put my underwear, my shirt and my trousers on the radiator. Then she dressed me under the covers. She gave me kisses and whistled while she was doing it. Now whenever I go out onstage or write something, I want my clothes from the radiator, and I want my mother whistling.”

Under all the glamor and glory, all the sex and symbolism, that’s the little secret inside almost everyone of us. Thanks, Mel!

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