Letting All Mommy-Bloggers Here In On The "Mommy Curse"

Oh, you haven’t heard of the Mommy Curse….? Been around at least since the black days of the Dark Ages in the witchy forests of Europe. It’s what exhausted middle-aged mommies put on their children. [That would be you about 20 years ago]. It usually takes place in the middle of another of those frenetic play-times when you and your siblings were methodically driving her into maternal madness.

At the time you probably didn’t hear and surely didn’t understand what she was hissing: “I only wish someday, someday you have to raise a kid just like you….!” And with that wish the curse was complete. Your future fate as a mommy was forever sealed.

I’m not a mommy, but I’ve witnessed the curse in all its ugly features. I beheld it when years later I watched Joan pulling out her hair during our own childrens’ playtime, muttering:”Oh my god, now I realize what my mother was saying that day. My own flesh-and-blood — she cursed me. She knew what I was doing to her, and she cursed me so the same would someday happen to me!” Joan’s words were usually followed by this indescribable guttural sound, the kind you hear in Greek tragedies.

Oh, it’s a terrible curse. But then in time Joan learned to value its dark powers as she too laid the curse on our own screaming hellions. It’s a kinda Karma thing. What goes around comes around.

Now, still later, Joan and I can talk about the Mommy Curse with relative calm and objectivity. Because now we’re grandparents. You know — all the fun and none of the hassle. But not only that, by now we’ve come to realize the amazing added-value to the curse. It turns out that now as doting grandparents, our kids’ kids often prefer us to their less-doting parents. Why’s that? I believe one reason is grandchildren and their grandparents now have found a common enemy — the parents.

How sweet it is!

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