Have You Heard ~ Holiday Eating Adds Brains As Well As Bulk

Teddy Roosevelt was a big man with big appetites. He always liked to say: “In any moment of decision the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, but the worst thing you can do is nothing!” Something he followed in his voracious eating habits.

And yet, as we voraciously fall into line during these big holiday meals, there’s something to be said about how our ancestors’ brains had a historic growth spurt 1.8 million years ago. That’s when they began heating their foods. Brazilian neuroscientists report in this month’s ‘The Guardian:’ “Heating food speeds up chewing and digestion which then allows our brain to absorb more nutrition per bite….had our homo erectus ancestors stuck to a raw-food diet, they would have had to spend nine hours per day just ingesting enough food for their larger-than-ape brains.”

Can you see an opening here for us fatties…? a chance to justify gorging all that turkey, stuffing and cranberry…? It looks like a perfect excuse to me!

OK, now lets kick this up notch. Aside from excusing our holiday gluttony, isn’t there an even

bigger issue here? The big but divisive issue: Did our species keep adapting by the random laws of evolution? Or was there some kind of specific design at work over all these millions of years?

Aha ~ Evolution versus Creationism!

The unending battle Charles Darwin kicked off exactly 153 years ago this Christmas. Just what Mom doesn’t want to hear as she brings out her homemade desserts. Sorry Charlie, not going to happen over her pride & joy apple pie. A joy she doesn’t intend to share with either Genesis or the Species.

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