General Petraeus Falling On His Sword Nobly But Needlessly

Every Monday morning quarterback proves hindsight is 20/20. The real gift is foresight!

Right now we are living through a fury of could-and-should have been’s. The Republicans are among the busiest, however there are scores more. They’re called experts. Experts are people who know more and more about less and less, and who can always graph exactly what you did wrong.

Currently we’re having all sorts of second-thoughts. About voting in Ohio…the embassy Benghazi …the Yankees in the playoffs…General Petraeus in the CIA…the Hurricane in the east coast…and Donald Trump just about anywhere.

Among the second-thoughts that may have staying power in 2012:

* Same Sex Marriage ~ How can this be deemed so wrong, when Opposite Sex Marriage continues to fail so persistently in abuse, faithlessness and divorce?

* Marijuana ~ How can this natural substance, already legalized in many states without major dislocation, be condemned out of hand while the more dangerous drugs of alcohol and tobacco are permitted?

* Pro-Choice ~ How can the inarguable sanctity of life be trumped by the arguable sanctity of an unwanted and/or criminally imposed fetus?

* Infidelity on the job ~ General Petraeus’ recent resignation is the latest in a peculiar line of official logic which says you can’t do your job right during the day if you’re sleeping with the wrong partner during the night. Yes, there is a strong Judaic-Christian-Puritan tradition about the Scarlett ‘A’ in society, but considering how well every leader from Alexander to Caesar to Eisenhower to Clinton to Petraeus have performed their day jobs, why is it automatic they quit it because of their night jobs?

Just asking…….

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