First Bill Maher Told Us God-Is-Dead. Now They Say So Is Descartes

OK this is not a must-read, go-to-now story. Say like such timeless, life-altering narratives like the latest 100-car-pileup or the most recent report on Jay Cutler. Still, some of us kinda think killing off Descartes and God is hefty stuff.

If you agree, consider this quickie two-step cyber-journey:

(1) Check today’s New York Times on-line “Science” section in which it publishes Cornelia Dean’s piercing op-ed titled “Soul of Science. I-Think-Therefore-I-Am Is Losing Ground.” In it she neatly sums up the current case that says Evolution no longer simply explains our physical being; it also explains how we have physiologically developed what we once thought were divinely generated values such as: God, religion, honesty, devotion, even morality

Once your read this Richard Dawkins-inspired piece, it’s hard not to embrace her totally secular explanation of how we got to be who, what and why we are. You know our silly, strange species that Maher has so much legitimate fun laughing at

(2) Now check the award-winning co-head of the Global Genome Project Dr Francis Collins on his blog site. I’m neither a geneticist nor a philosopher, but Collins raises a hypothesis that neither Dean nor Dawkins nor even atheist-in-chief Bill Maher has considered. Collins suggests that (a) yes, Evolution explains all we have been told it explains (b) but why is it not entirely reasonable to assert that Evolution itself had a start? in other words a starter?


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