Every Morning Of Your Life You Live Your Favorite Myth

Lets get something straight from the start. Myths are not lies! they are not childish fantasies! nor are they delusions about distant times and places! Myths are what you and I live with each day, whether we know them by name or not. You see, bottom line, most myths are widely shared beliefs that are so strong and commanding they are a psychic energy field which we share with perhaps millions of others.

Like what….?

Like such long lived myths: the wonders of a Santa Claus…the power of the ancient Romans…the magic we attribute to Helen of Troy, Cleopatra, and lets say Elizabeth Taylor and Jo Lo. We embrace these ideas by the very way we speak them and, like them, write about them as I am now.

Oh there are so many that can be added to the list. The myth of Notre Dame Football…Chicago Bears linebackers…foreign sports cars. How about far more serious examples. Take the myths of the noble savage before civilization corrupted us…the myth of the rugged-individualism of the Western Frontier …. the myth of Aryan racial supremacy…the myth of the evil Jew…and of course the almost weekly myths of incredibly evil conspiracy theories which keep everyone from White Supremacists out in their mountain retreats to UFO zanies searching for FBI lies to Fox News busy day after day after……

So here’s the deal. Lets agree to never again laugh at anyone’s myth. The only thing definitively different about their efficacious belief-systems and ours is, well gee, because ours is true. Why is it true? Because we believe it. What do we believe it? Well gee, because it’s true.

See how that works.

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