Drumroll Please ~ For Charlie Darwin's Australian Sexy Side

Yes, yes, he was a serious scientist married to a serious Christian who was seriously troubled by his quasi-heretical ideas. But with it all, Charlie had a decidedly sexy side. Among the factors in natural selection, he explicated the implications of sexual selection. Leaving his lab behind, Darwin set out a bed of fascinating ideas which over time has birthed some extraordinary theories.

One of these theories has been advanced by Professor Jason Collins at the University of Western Australia. He concludes that “54.8% of natural selection among humans is effectively caused by reproduction-of-the-sexiest rather than survival-of-the-fittest.” Who would have thought!

He mathematically explored the idea: “The female of the species prefers males who conspicuously engage in labor, innovations and other productive activities in order to then engage in conspicuous consumption. These activities in turn contribute to technological and economic growth.”

In other words, women like their men not only with well endowed bodies but also with well endowed tastes. In turn, well endowed men like to endow these women with gifts. As Aristotle Onassis is supposed to have said: “If women did not exist, all the money in the world would have no meaning!”

Now if this evolutionary dynamics between the male and the female seem a tad old fashioned in an age of the emerging woman, well, so is sex. New or old, apparently the more that well endowed men and women mate, the more likely their endowments will be spread among their culture. This may not be your first thought scanning your options at next week’s party, but according to some Australian Darwinians the thought will nevertheless be at work somewhere in you.

Perhaps in that area of the brain British Darwinian Richard Dawkins would call: The Conspicuous Consumption Gene.

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