Do Blondes Really Have More Fun?

I can’t speak for blondes, but I can for that kid on the block who was always in charge. Possibly he was also the neighborhood bully. What was his secret? Along with qualities like bulk, he was glib. Remember? He could spin words fast enough to dazzle you into following him anywhere

Later, the kid probably became team captain or maybe class president. You know, the happy-faced

smooth-talking leader everyone just sorta gravitated around. Life’s that way. Some of us get an extra dollop of brains or beauty; but the ones gifted with a golden glib tongue are the entire Sundae!

What happens to these golden tongues? Truth be told, they’re still dazzling you. On radio talk shows ….hosting game shows and news panels…doing color commentaries during games… and especially holding public office still schmoozing with that gift of gab democracies call leadership.

While some kids in school go for the crowd-cheering teams, others slip into public speaking, debating, and student council. You know, where there are no crowds to interrupt the many ways in which you’re learning to think & speak & persuade on your feet.

OK, stop here.

Stop and just tally up the number of leaders you’ve applauded. Hard to find any without the gift of glib. Take just our times: Teddy Roosevelt…Clarence Darrow..FDR…Winston Churchill…John F Kennedy …Martin Luther King…Billy Graham…Mohamed Ali…Ronald Reagan…Bill Clinton…Mario Cuomo…Chris Christie….Oprah…Letterman. In today’s culture, you simply can’t be great without glib.

Well….. there are some exceptions. Glib that turned out to be gibberish: Rick Perry, Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, Newt Gingrich, Mel Gibson, and that jerk who beat me for City Council!

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