Can We At Last See God Through Technology

This question may be a contradiction in terms, because technicians usually don’t concern themselves with the unseeable. But wait…! Electrical engineers at Duke University have just designed an invisibility cloak which they say makes small objects invisible by bending the microwaves around them. So my question is: If technology can make the visible invisible, can it someday make the invisible visible….?

I don’t intend to submit that question to Duke’s head engineer David Smith. He’s not likely to take it seriously. But seriously folks, doesn’t the thought tickle your theological fancy? After all, our ancestors couldn’t “see” the invisible light waves in the air above them which were eventually tamed into the sights we call television. Yet thy were there all along.

One of my professors liked to address this conundrum this way: “Magic is seeing what’s NOT there while mystery is not seeing what IS there.” Skeptics of the unknown use technology to disprove fanciful claims. As they should! But in this case, technology itself is inviting a new line of investigation.

Right now the military is the most interested in this cloak. History shows the military is usually first to explore new horizons like this for warfare. But what if, imagine what if a whole different purpose were undertaken? Film classics like Jodi Foster’s “Contact,” the “Matrix” and “Chronicles of Narnia” each tease us with the prospects of unseeable, unknown realities in our lives. If gate receipts tell us anything, they tell us we love this stuff. We can’t help wanting to know more.

Now imagine for a moment it wasn’t the military who cashed in on this new technology. Instead it was…well, let your theological imagination take it from there!

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