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Letting All Mommy-Bloggers Here In On The "Mommy Curse"

Oh, you haven’t heard of the Mommy Curse….? Been around at least since the black days of the Dark Ages in the witchy forests of Europe. It’s what exhausted middle-aged mommies put on their children. [That would be you about 20 years ago]. It usually takes place in the middle of another of those frenetic... Read more »

Imagine Lincoln If Had Facebook And Twitter

The social media have become the new kid on the block everyone likes to either claim or criticize. One day it’s the ‘new democracy,’ another day it’s ‘mob democracy,’ still another it’s the way the general public is going brain-dead. So which is it….? This week the White House gave it new credibility by announcing... Read more »

Here's The Question For Anyone Standing Outside The Church On Christmas Morning

It’s inarguably true we can’t prove the Jesus story…so why have so many billions over the centuries believed it…..possibly because it’s true…or more possibly because they needed to believe it….to embrace any reasonable story that can help us sense there is something more than little flawed me wandering in this large unconversational universe….you see, if... Read more »

We Don't Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression; But Who Said First Was Best

First impressions are considered to be important. In politics, in business, in the arts, even in the pulpit. Unfortunately we learn that first-anything’s in life don’t always last. The glisten dulls…the flair flattens… familiarity really can breed contempt. And so we ricochet throughout the pinball game of life pinging from one first to another. As... Read more »

OK, This Has To Stop! Now They're Killing Christmas In The Key Of C

For felicitous generations it was standard to hear traditional carols like ‘Silent Night,’ ‘Come All Ye Faithful,’ and “O Holy Night.” Gradually they expanded the repertoire with cutesie stuff like ‘Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer,’ ‘Frosty the Snowman,’ and ‘Santa Baby.’ So far so good. But then about a generation ago the big studio boys... Read more »

Can We At Last See God Through Technology

This question may be a contradiction in terms, because technicians usually don’t concern themselves with the unseeable. But wait…! Electrical engineers at Duke University have just designed an invisibility cloak which they say makes small objects invisible by bending the microwaves around them. So my question is: If technology can make the visible invisible, can... Read more »

Mel Brooks Takes On Naomi Wolf's New Book "Vagina"

Freud insisted every emotional issue in our lives starts with mommy. Naomi Wolf insists In her new book ‘Vagina’ women are meant to be more than mommies. Mel Brooks takes them both to task in his recent interview with Time. The master funny man gets serious when remembering his mother: “People becoming comedians because they’re... Read more »

So You Think We've Grown Smarter Than Spartacus? Think Again

As of this morning, America has more computer software engineers than farmers. More than 1 million of us are trying to make a living writing apps. We’re convinced we’ve come a long way, baby, from our primitive pre-digital ancestors. Not so..! Not according to genetics..! Stanford geneticist Gerald Crabtree reports we have Evolution all wrong.... Read more »

First Bill Maher Told Us God-Is-Dead. Now They Say So Is Descartes

OK this is not a must-read, go-to-now story. Say like such timeless, life-altering narratives like the latest 100-car-pileup or the most recent report on Jay Cutler. Still, some of us kinda think killing off Descartes and God is hefty stuff. If you agree, consider this quickie two-step cyber-journey: (1) Check today’s New York Times on-line... Read more »

Luddites! Oh You Never Heard Of Them? They Had The Answer

History records Luddites simply as 19th C English textile workers who objected to having machinery on the job. Crazy, huh? I mean, everyone knows technology is good. Makes things go faster and easier. But wait, it’s this word “faster” that makes hearts like mine lament the poor Luddites. Everything today IS faster. So much faster... Read more »