Who's The Most Fascinating Person In The World? Come On, You Know Who!

A little honesty here, please. The answer is obvious. The most fascinating person in the world is you.

You know it and I know it. Just like the most fascinating person in my world is me. In a conniving planet of 7 billion liars, the most honest thing to do is just admit it. And yet as fascinating as we may find our self, chances are we don’t really know our self all that well. What really makes us us?

That’s of course why we have psychologists, psychiatrists, horoscopes, and H.L. Mencken. Who’s he?The life-toughened 20th C reporter who may have given us the shortest best explanation we’ll ever hear: “Give anyone a choice between liberty and security, in the end they’ll take security every time!”

Mencken’s years on the news-beat taught him that inside even the biggest and baddest is always that little-child who needs to feel safe and secure. When we return home, get off our white stallion having battled the dragons all day, we need a place and a person to make us safe.

Mencken spent a lot of his time in Manhattan saloons after work swapping battle scars with his fellow knights. “There are three ways people have for feeling safe. You can do it by taking on everything and everyone in your way, so by making them smaller you can feel bigger and safer. Or you can do it

by joining with everything and everyone you can, feeling bigger and safer in numbers. Or you can do it by stepping away from everything and everyone, feeling safer in your privacy….”

I kinda think Mencken was the first type. But whatever type you are, it’s always reassuring to remember that same little-child hides inside everyone you’re going to meet today….

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