Whoops...The Whole World Is Watching

It’s no longer possible to completely protect your privacy. Neither closed drapes, computer security systems, or even your discrete silences at dinner parties and golf games can guard your personal values. You know, those deeply held priorities about home & marriage… kids & abortion…gangs & police… Hollywood & God. Ad agencies, political campaigns, and Facebook are working 24/7 to decode those priorities. After all, these are the secret doors into the way you will behave as a lover, parent, worker, sports fan, and voter.

But here’s a funny thing. No matter how tight-lipped you may conduct yourself, the whole world is watching each time you (1) walking your dog (2) ordering in a restaurant. Whether you realize it or not, behavioral scientists from the University of Southern California say you’re spilling your secrets to the world each time you perform these simplest of actions.

Here are some of the tell-tale-tips you’re spilling:

* German Shepherds tip your love for the great outdoors and rough-housing with the kids

* Lap dogs tip your love for the great indoors and assuming the fetal position during the 10 PM News

* Rottweilers tip you’re a frustrated Gestapo officer

* Raw steaks and prime ribs tip you’re an alpha male, female, or maybe even both together

* Creamed entrees tip either you have poor teeth or poor taste

* Ordering dessert before your entree tips the world that you lament all those dieting ladies who gave up dessert that last night on the Titanic

If you’d like to get the entire USC report on-line, please go to http://www.USC/student-who-failed-psych

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