There Is Only One Secret Chamber To Your Heart, But Oh So Many Keys

That secret chamber, that inner sanctum to your heart, is a sacred repository of all the feelings and fears, joys and sorrow, hopes and dreams each of us keeps under lock and key. And that’s all right. We are each entitled to our own private place. Our very own treasure chest.

But here’s the funny thing. Surprisingly there are scores of keys out there that can unlock this chest. And often at the most unusual and unexpected times. A random letter…an out-of-the-blue phone call or text… an item in the paper…a wisp of perfume or aftershave…an old love song playing on the car radio… and then there is always the moon up there. How many times a cloudless Autumn night will reveal not only a harvest moon, but at the same time ignite a flame of sweet memories about what happened under that other harvest moon so many impassible years ago.

Do yourself a favor.

Stop whatever you’re doing today; at least long enough to fully experience these exotic little epiphanies. Really, because that’s what they are. Like the phone call today from a boyhood friend I hadn’t seen in, oh about 100 years…that old calendar I ran into with the date of our class’ 50th reunion…the wedding ring on a finger to which I pay too little attention….a brush of red hair on an elevator that instantly resurrects the night of that first date…oh and the hint of dark roses in the air which, whether I wished it or not, plunged me right back into the tearful fragrance of my parents’ wake.

Each of these insignificant surprises this month was like a golden key that fit into the lock with which I have sealed my secret chamber. The key-holder had no way of realizing their power, but power it was in that these keys released — if only for a magic moment — memories whose fragile webbing encases my life like a gossamer veil.

Henceforth, I may simply keep the chamber door unlocked….

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