Re-Finding The America You Missed -- With Only 2 Clicks

I realize you didn’t ask for my help, but I’m going to offer it to you anyway…with the two Internet sites… if you have a few curious minutes, read on.

Think of these sites as doorways into which you can electronically step in order to re-experience a little of what that Lost America was once like; before we started to lose it circa 1963-1973. In 1963 a Camelot President was assassinated, shocking our booming post-WWII generation to suddenly re-think the bright “new frontiers” he pledged. By 1973 the Watergate trauma shocked what was left of that boom.

Those of us who were there have never been quite the same. We remember only a numbing collision of followup calamities including Vietnam, race riots, Middle Eastern wars, stock market collapses, and today’s gridlocked halls of government. Not the America we once knew.

But what if you were get a better sense of the-way-we-were? It might help you better decide the-way-you-want-us-to-be with this election. Finding these 2 sites will help you:

* 1940census.archives.govt/ ~~ Click on this site and you’ll learn what profiling really means. Data about that poorer, simpler, less educated, less urban, less skeptical, pre-cholesterol America. You may like it or hate it; miss it or reject it. But it’s the-way-we-were before we became the 21st C way-we-are

* ~~ Click on this site not for data but rather a nostalgic glance back at one of the quintessential American radio soap operas in the 30s & 40s: “Vic and Sade.” These 15 minute afternoon visits ‘with the little house up the next block’ are unlike anything you’ve ever heard since then. If you think “Seinfeld” was a masterpiece-about-nothing, wait till you meet Vic and Sade in their little non-descript home in a non-descript Mid-Western town that was typical of millions of uncool and unsophistcated American families soldiering their way through a Depression & World War

I’ll say no more. I’ve offered the fruit; now you either bite into or not.

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